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Margaret Pollmann

Election Commissioner

Linda Kerchal

Chief Deputy Clerk

Karrie Jones

Deputy Clerk

The Election Commissioner is responsible for maintaining all voter registration records and conduction all primary, general and special elections.  This office works in conjunction with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office to ensure compliance with all state and federal election guidelines.


Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-612, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2021 is the deadline for a registered voter to change political party affiliation so as to affiliate with the political party named in the candidate filing form or in an affidavit as a write-in candidate pursuant to section 32-615 for political office for the May 10th, 2022 Primary Election EXCEPT that any person may change his or her political party affiliation after said deadline to become a candidate of a new political party which has successfully completed the petition process.

Margaret Pollmann
Hitchcock County Clerk